Winter Cruises in Northern Europe 2021 & 2022



This winter, MSC Cruises cruises in Northern Europe and visits five of Europe's most popular cities.

Experience, among other things, the magical atmosphere of the Christmas markets, just right with tourists, delicious and filling seasonal food, and many beautiful winter landscapes are just some of the benefits of visiting these magnificent destinations in Northern Europe during the winter.

With MSC Magnifica you cruise in comfort and style, departing from Hamburg where you can visit the beautiful port city of Lübeck, discover sites from the UNESCO World Heritage Site on your way to Southampton from where you can immerse yourself in British culture and spend days in London or visit Stonehenge, one of the most exciting and ancient sites in Britain.

Explore Le Havre and visit Paris with all its charm and enjoy the romantic capital. Take a tour of Rouen, the historic city of Normandy, or Honfleur which is famous for its idyllic harbor and historically preserved buildings.

Fascinated by the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Zeebrugge, a picturesque getaway and one of Europe's best-preserved medieval cities. Spend the day exploring the Belgian capital Brussels, where skyscrapers and hotels have modernized the silhouette. Then view the postcard-like canals in their most perfect form in the charming city of Amsterdam with several hundred years old architecture.

Experience all this coming winter with MSC Cruises during and the same cruise. 



Health and safety winter 2021/2022
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