MSC Cruises announced today the launch of two brand new original productions specially designed for the Carousel Lounge exclusively on MSC Virtuosa.

Geneva, Switzerland – 17 June 2021 – MSC Cruises announced today the launch of two brand new original productions specially designed for the Carousel Lounge exclusively on MSC Virtuosa under the all-new entertainment concept Carousel Productions at Sea. Blending breath-taking acrobatics, dance and music to create multi-sensory entertainment experience with light and sound and dazzling acrobatic performances in this intimate state-of-the art venue, guests will enjoy a spell-binding evening.


AJEDREZ is inspired by the game of chess, this operatic rock spectacular will introduce two opposing queens, as they fall in love with same king and challenge each other to win his heart. Throughout the story, we will meet the various characters of the chess board, from bishops to knights, characterized by life-size statues, as the teams battle it out to the sound of a ticking chess clock.


ARKYMEA follows a scientist finds a hidden world where the wildest ideas and the most ambitious dreams become reality. With the help of a mysterious device, the scientist breaks through dimensions to reach Arkymea, a mysterious place populated by extravagant characters performing acrobatic feats and where magic comes to life all around you.


MSC Cruises’ flagship MSC Virtuosa will debut the first show AJEDREZ from 26 June and ARKYMEA from 17 July. The iconic Carousel Lounge is a one-of-a-kind, purpose-built entertainment venue hosting just 400 guests per performance, which features special rigging to enable artists to perform impressive aerial acrobatics. The unique features of the lounge allow for added complexity and creative expression, enabling Carousel Productions at Sea to truly play with the space and the audience’s unique position at the centre of the story. These shows will not be limited to the stage and guests will need to keep their eyes and ears open, skyward and all around them, to be sure to catch every moment of this immersive experience.


Every aspect of the awe-inspiring new shows for MSC Virtuosa are entirely original, from their contrasting storylines, costume and set designs, through to the and fantastical circus and theatrical acts. The costumes are themselves works of art created by expert designers and made by skilled craftsmen and women. The makeup will play a role in creating the identity of each of the characters.


The Carousel Lounge features state-of-the-art technology and high specification technical features, representing a €20 million investment, with a unique 360° rotating stage, the carousel, in the middle of the lounge and a 40-metre-long LED wall to display custom-made graphics as well as to form an integral part of the performances. Even the audio in the theatre is cutting-edge a quadraphonic configuration to create 360° surround sound.


Performing in the venue will be a cast of world-class acrobats, circus and musical performers. Combining song, dance, aerial acts, jump rope tricks, diabolo, pole, hula hoop, Icarian games and more, these riveting never-before-seen performances push the boundaries of cruise ship entertainment to soaring new heights.
The two shows on MSC Virtuosa will alternate for six nights out of every seven-night cruise, in the Carousel Lounge of the ship, with two shows per night for maximum flexibility for guests.


Carousel Productions at Sea is a pre-booked experience for guests with competitive rates and can be booked in advance for €10, or for €15 whilst on board during the cruise for any still available seats. As part of the experience, guests will be able to enjoy a speciality cocktail included in the ticket price and enjoy the pre-show that begins 30 minutes before the start of the performance.


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