Due to heavy weather in and around Genoa, Italy, traffic has been severely disrupted. As a result, people travelling into Genoa need to take additional travel time into consideration as traffic on Genoa’s surrounding highways will be dense.


  • For embarking Guests: when traveling to Genoa, please take an additional 2 hours of travel time into account (by road) to reach the cruise port. Railway traffic is not significantly impacted.


    The embarkation timings on Saturday 30 November (MSC Grandiosa) and Sunday 1 December (MSC Opera), remain unaffected and the ship will be sailing as per schedule.


  • For disembarking Guests: please take additional travel time to into account for your onward travel by road. The excursions that are planned in and around Genoa this weekend, are currently not affected – however, additional time may be required due to dense road traffic.


Guests already on board the above two ships who will disembark or visit Genoa during this weekend’s calls will receive information from the ship’s personnel.


If the above guidelines have not answered all your questions, please contact our contact centre or your travel agent.


MSC Cruises