Odessa Cruise

Odessa Cruise
The legacy of Catherine the Great
An MSC cruise of the Mediterranean is an excellent opportunity for exploring Odessa. During your vacation in Ukraine, you can visit this city on the shores of the Black Sea founded by Katherine the Great in 1794.

Located in an inlet between the mouths of the rivers Dnestr and Dnepr, once the port of a Greek colony (it was the ancient Odessos), it has many interesting features. When you set ashore from your cruise ship you can take a walk to the famous steps seen in Ejzenstejn’s film The Battleship Potemkin.
It was in Odessa that the people’s revolt broke out in 1905, supported by the mutinied crew of the battleship. The steps were designed by Francesco Boffo in 1825 and they’re so long that many people use the funicular alongside it. Originally there were 200 steps but today there are eight less as these have been incorporated in the pavement of the Prymors'ka vul. The city has wide, regularly laid out roads, intersecting at right angles and extends all the way to the sea; the atmosphere is more Mediterranean than Russian.
There are some splendid neo-classical buildings

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