Warnemunde Cruise

Warnemunde Cruise

Silvery dunes

The Warnemünde quarter in Rostock is a famous German seaside resort that you can visit when you reach the German coasts on your MSC cruise of northern Europe.

At the mouth of the river Warnow, in the Baltic Sea, Warnemünde will surprise you with its villas, hotels and the large white and silver beach. Its heart is Am Strom, next to the port, where the homes of old captains and fishermen have been turned into coffee shops and boutiques. With an excursion during the cruise, you can continue towards Schwerin.
Surrounded by lakes and with a fairytale Schloss that tickles the imagination, the town represents a pleasant surprise, given by the architecture and spirit of a historic capital. Continuing the excursion you can admire Lubecca, one of the few cities along Europe's northern coasts that preserves the glory of medieval times.
For more than two centuries the standard bearer of the Hanseatic League, this was one of the wealthiest and most powerful of European cities, the Venice of the Baltic. The commercial opulence is best expressed in its architecture: from the oldest Rathaus in Germany to the churches with the tallest bell-towers to the merchants’ mansions.
Lubecca is the first city in Northern Europe to be included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites in 1987. Finally, you should not leave out a visit to the cosmopolitan Berlin, the largest and liveliest city in Germany. Amongst the monuments to visit are the Brandebourgh Gate. Situated close to the Reichstag, the seat of the German parliament, the monument, designed on the model of Athens’ Acropolis, was built as the city’s arch of triumph in 1791 and soon became the symbol of unified Germany.
The Brandenburg Gate looms over the ornamental gardens in Pariser Platz which extends eastwards towards the wide, tree-lined Unter den Linden avenue, that means “Beneath the linden trees”, flanked by shops and cafés.

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Reach the Port

Cruise terminal for the MSC Poesia (Summer 2019): Warnemünde Cruise Center, Am Passagierkai 3, 18119 Rostock-Warnemuende

Take exit 14 (Rostock-West) and follow the B103 towards Warnemünde. Take the exit "Werftallee" in Warnemünde, follow the signs to Passagierkai and then drive to the Warnemünde Cruise Center.



Address: Am Passagierkai 3, 18119 Rostock 
Tel: +49 381 / 877 33 285 
E-mail: buchung@parken-und-meer.de


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Address: Handelsstrasse 4, 18069 Rostock
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The Warnemünde Cruise Terminal is a 25-minute Suburban train journey from Rostock city centre. The railway station is just 5 minutes from the cruise terminal. Berlin is about 2 hours from Warnemünde by train or coach.