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From the daring deeds of Vikings to the modern routes of polar expeditions towards the Arctic Circle, navigating through glaciers with intense shades of blue. Unleash your sense of adventure with an Arctic cruise and be enthralled by the untamed beauty of ice-dotted vistas and the unspoiled grandeur of nature.

From the volcanic splendor of Iceland, land of geysers and sublime cliffs, to Greenland’s glacial landscape, with its imposing ice walls and characteristic Inuit villages. A cruise to the Arctic Circle is also a journey of discovery to the northernmost regions of Norway, among wonderful fjords, mysterious forests, and majestic mountains, up to the spectacle of Nordkapp.

Awaken the explorer in you with an Arctic cruise and live a truly unique experience among glacial landscapes, majestic fjords, and horizons that you will find hard to forget.

Cruises to Iceland and Greenland in July 2025

Get close the Arctic circle with MSC Cruises! Every summer you can set off to discover Iceland and Greenland with an unmissable itinerary. This July, sail from Warnemünde or Copenhagen on an epic 21-night journey aboard MSC Poesia and plunge into the natural splendour of the Arctic north on a magical cruise around Iceland, Greenland, Denmark and the Orkney islands.

Iceland, Arctic cruises | MSC Cruises
Greenland, Nuuk - Arctic cruises | MSC Cruises
Iceland, Arctic cruises | MSC Cruises


MSC Poesia will circumnavigate Iceland sailing towards Akureyri and Isafjordur with an overnight in the capital Reykjavik. This Iceland cruise will allow you to visit the island's uncompromising volcanic settings and magical waterfalls. Catch sight of puffins and arctic foxes, or discover ancient Viking communities and modern eco-villages. Upon leaving Iceland, you'll be captivated by the spellbinding Orkney Islands in Scotland, where you can immerse yourself in a wild environment, in a land that combines historical evidence with legendary tales of Norse origin.


Greenland, Arctic cruises | MSC Cruises
Greenland, Arctic cruises | MSC Cruises
Prince Christian Sound, Greenland - Arctic cruises | MSC Cruises


After passing the granite cliffs of Prince Christian Sound, snow-capped landscapes are waiting for you in Greenland. Experience the pristine solitude of this incredible island on your Greenland cruise towards Nuuk, Ilulissat and Qaqortoq. The one-night stop in Ilulissat will allow you to reach the Serermiut icebergs and the frozen fjord of Kangia. Discover cascading waterfalls and soaring mountains on foot or by helicopter, all while basking in the subtle glow of up to 20 hours of sunlight a day.


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