MSC Grand Voyages

An MSC Grand Voyage is more than just a simple cruise, it's a travel experience that takes in some of the world's most spectacular ports of call and lets you discover them as they were surely meant to be discovered: by sea.
A transatlantic cruise crossing is surely one of the most romantic of all sea voyages, conjuring memories of the ‘Blue Riband’ the prestigious accolade that, during the golden age of steam, was awarded to the liner maintaining the highest average speed across the open sea. These days absolute speed is no longer the quest and passengers can look forward to rather more relaxed voyages from Europe to the Americas and to Africa and Asia too.

Whether your Grand Voyage is a transatlantic voyage or a long positioning cruise to or from somewhere that you’ve always wanted to see, do be sure that you make the most of your time on board with us. These long cruises are the perfect opportunity to enjoy your ships many and varied facilities, as well as the fresh sea air that makes fine dining even more of a treat than it would be on land! Your nights at sea will be distinctly glamorous affairs made all more romantic by the crystal clear canopy of stars that are an unexpected bonus of time at sea.

So where will your Grand Voyage take you? To Florida and the brightly coloured Caribbean Islands, to Brazil and Venezuela or Asia and Australia? Wherever you go you’ll be pleased that your cruise with MSC became a voyage of gentle discovery.